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By S. Bradbury

ISBN-10: 0433147032

ISBN-13: 9780433147039

Hewer's Textbook of Histology for scientific scholars, 9th version Revised makes a speciality of the minute constitution of the cells, tissues, and organs of the human physique and the reactions of tissues and cells to varied stipulations.

The e-book first elaborates at the recommendations utilized in the learn of cells and tissues, cellphone and telephone department, and epithelia. Discussions concentrate on the qualitative and quantitative tools for the identity of the composition of cells and tissues, floor membrane of the phone, cytoplasmic contents, and the nucleus. The textual content then examines blood and lymph, improvement and destruction of blood corpuscles, and connective tissues.

The manuscript takes a glance at adipose tissue, cartilage, and bone, together with improvement and capabilities of adipose tissue, hyaline cartilage, fibro-cartilage, elastic cartilage, and joints and synovial membranes. The booklet then ponders on muscular tissue, anxious tissue, peripheral nerves, ganglia, neuroglia, and meninges, blood circulatory method, lymphatic procedure, thymus, and spleen, and adrenals, thyroid, and parathyroid glands.

The e-book is a helpful reference for scientific scholars and readers drawn to the constitution of the cells, organs, and tissues of the human physique.

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E/M studies have shown t h e presence of numerous short microvilli on mesothelial cells. Glands One general function of epithelial tissue is t h a t of secretion, in other words, the absorption of materials from the medium in contact with t h e cell and t h e ehmination of other materials into the same or some other medium. For this function speciahzation of the epithehum into glands occurs: of these glands some, the exocrine ones, eliminate their secretion on to a surface either directly or by means of a duct, while others, the internally secreting or endocrine 0 0 Β A F I G .

These are sometimes called "pores" or "fenestrae"; they have a diameter of about 30-50 nm. and are frequent in the endothehum of capillaries in kidney, gut and endocrine glands (Fig. 13). The presence of vesicles and "pores" together with experiments using electron-dense markers suggest t h a t this type of epithelium is active in the transport of substances across the cell. Chief Distribution The thin limb of Henle's loop in the kidney. Smallest ducts of some glands. Inner surface of tjonpanic membrane and of membranous labyrinth of ear.

3 . 7 . A junctional c o m p l e x b e t w e e n t w o p r o x i m a l c o n v o l u t e d t u b u l e cells of t h e 0-1 μ Π Ί . k i d n e y ( 1 ) t h e zonula occludens (^2 )^t h e zonula adhaerens ( 3 ) t h e m a c u l a adhaerens. T h e trilaminar appearance of t h e unit m e m b r a n e m a y he seen in t h e microvilli a t t h e left of t h e micrograph. (ii) Lateral surfaces. The intercellular substance is scanty and cohesion of the cells, which is very marked in such places as the alimentary canal and kidney collecting tubules, is probably assisted by the presence of interlocking projections of the lateral cell membranes (Fig.

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