99% Inspiration: Tips, Tales and Techniques for Liberating by Bryan W. Mattimore PDF

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By Bryan W. Mattimore

Creativity is likely one of the most respected and strong assets in company this day. ninety nine% proposal provides a palette of recommendations and tales to assist enterprise humans faucet hidden artistic strengths. This wonderful e-book allows readers to creatively clear up a variety of place of work concerns through the use of the inventive concepts of such geniuses as Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo DaVinci.

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The Gatling gun b. His pocket watch c. A mechanical piggy bank d. A water pump 9. Maxim's inspiration for the design of the gun silencer was: a. A whistle b. The whirlpool effect of water flowing down the drain of his sink c. A fireplace bellows d. A lobster trap 10. Eli Whitney realized that he'd be able to invent a simple cotton "gin" (short for engine) when he saw: a. A cat reach through a fence trying to grab a chicken b. A waterwheel c. A stagecoach d. His landlord scraping a frying pan with a thin metal spatula.

C. Invented a camera that when swallowed by cows took pictures of each of their four stomachs. 6. As a health precaution, Alexander Graham Bell: a. Covered his ear with gauze every time he used the telephone. b. Covered the windows in his home to block out the rays of the full moon. c. Drank his own urine. 7. Edison was convinced that: a. The Germans were using a "thought ray" during World War I to control President Wilson's mind. b. There were submicroscopic entities, or "little people," living in his brain.

The Delco battery enabled women, for the first time, to drive alone, since they did not now need the help or strength of a man to crank-start the car. 41 . . 2. Bowling was considered a threat to national security because men would bowl instead of practicing their archery skills. 3. With the invention of the silk hat, Marsh guessed correctly that there would be reduced demand for beaver furs. Since fewer beavers would be killed, greater numbers of beavers could once again set about their business of building dams, resulting in the creation of more lakes and bogs.

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