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By Kirilyuk, Andrei P

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80 All the examples considered so far, therefore, load 'courtship' unequivocally with negative associations: a rhetorical performance which, being aimed at deception or seduction, conflicts flatly with all the domestic ideals of chastity, constancy, and continency. But this is not the whole picture. As we shall see, for all the citations which divorced 'courtship' from sincerity or love, as many can be found The semantics of courtship 41 which restore the word to a morally as well as socially acceptable definition.

And, as the 'new' amorous sense gradually came to be established, writers in the 1560s and 1570s can be shown to use the word with a degree of uncertainty and hesitation, as they explore the semantic overlap between 'being at court' and 'wooing'. In a later chapter we shall see how John Lyly experimented with these competing senses of'courting' in Euphues (1578) and Euphues and his England (1580). 47 George Gascoigne is particularly sensitive to the unstable meanings of 'courtship' that were developing in the 1570s.

For the historical consciousness which we call modern derives, at least in part, from the perception of change and of periodization which marked off these scholars' historical thinking from the age that preceded them. ^ It was the sense of irrecoverable loss, of what he saw as An introduction 23 the decline of the Latin language, that prompted Petrarch, along with Dante, Valla, Poliziano, Erasmus, and others, to devote himself to texts. 44 Linguistic mutation- the falling of Horace's famous leaf from its branch-was to the Renaissance humanist mind, therefore, an incontrovertible symptom of change, a taxonomy of history.

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