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By Schaeffer A., Fuchs A.

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Flesh Crafted Form Illeth flesh crafters experiment with the idea physical vehicle for their matchless mind. Merely possessing the body of a physically powerful creature isn't enough, the illeth must create a suitable fleshy form. Such efforts inevitably require large amount of "raw" organic material, samples of vital organs, and other ingredients to craft the ideal body. The design and growth process can take months, even years, of painstaking work before the new form is ready for the mind flayer's spirit to inhabit it.

It is a plan of action that leads to multiverse hegemony. To the mind flayers, these facts alone do not make it worth following. The Great Work would not be worthy of their attention were not so eminently rational. Most mind flayers do not even discuss the Great Work, because it seems so obvious. Everything about it is logical. There can be no doubting it. The illeth see it as infallible and perfect in every way. The only thing that stands in the way of its implementation is the imperfection of the multiverse itself.

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1400 mathematische Abiturientenaufgaben by Schaeffer A., Fuchs A.

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